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 dscn0207 - Bill GayleThis website focuses on quality products and practices. What better way to follow this guideline than to support and promote a product line whose entire path is QUALITY NATURAL LIVING. This is our value as well as many others.

J.R. Watkins has maintained a value standard of natural living since 1868 when they first went into business.  As part of their commitment to create natural and effective products for bath and body, home care, remedies and organic flavorings, they pledged to act responsibly and make sustainable choices when it came to their products, processes and people.

They pledge to remain free of products that have been published as unsafe for consumer use or unnatural. This list includes ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, petrochemicals, sulfuric acid and formaldehyde. I am sure you won’t even miss them.  Making the adjustment in your home and kitchen is a simple process.

We, my husband and I, began selling their products two years ago.  We have used them for more than 30 years and since we valued the quality we decided to help others easily obtain them for their own use.

You can purchase theses fantastic products online at

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