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Who are Bill & Gayle Redfern?

Gayle and Bill Redfern invites you to come along on their journey. They realized the more they learned, the less they knew and the more they had to pursue. During the past 30 years, they did discover Alternative and Natural Healing begins with what we eat and drink. Good HEALTH, divides into three subcategories — Ayurveda, Alkaline Dietary guidelines and herbal remedies and general food choicesBill expanded his knowledge as time went by, introducing many aspects to his knowledge and physical base. He studied Yoga, became a Massage Therapist and taught Alternative Health, promoted alkaline water, vitamins and minerals. His center of attention is helping and teaching his clients to keep the body’s mind, body and spirit in balance.

Gayle’s lifelong interest in spirituality shows how they contribute to physical wellness. She combines conscious channeling with two University Degrees helping others find alternatives solutions. Now a columnist and published author, Gayle shares the knowledge she gathered over many years as an accomplished workshop leader, educator and author.  For more information, check her website, http://www.livingwholistically.com.

Their curiosity and desire to learn led them to explore and study many areas of natural healing, not only to heal but to also maintain optimum health.

Together, Gayle and Bill form a great partnership, pooling their respective strengths to be effective resources for anyone seeking a healthy energetic life, balancing body, mind and spirit. Through this website, we open the doors to knowledge and information sources for general health, products that ease specific ailments such as arthritis and joint aches. Join hands and share the knowledge whenever you can.


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