5 Reasons for not reaching our goals

Adapted from the website of Good Life Fitness
By Gayle Redfern, member

1.     Uninspiring Goals

Setting non-motivating goals do not always inspire. Research shows that uninspiring things like achievement or a number (like weight quantity) don’t actually effectively motivate. The reason is they don’t hit at and incorporate our positive emotions.

Action→ Instead of focusing on the goal, envision the feelings that will be experienced when achieving the goal. For example, don’t focus on the 15lbs you want to lose, think about how it will feel walking down the beach with the new bathing suit on.

2.     Fear of Failure

When fear drives you away, you don’t extend yourself out of your comfort zone. People often won’t try or start something new because they don’t want to look bad; their image seems more important.

Action→ Failure is only a temporary thing. Thomas Edison once said that he discovered 1000 ways to not build a light bulb. It is fair to say that trying something new and failing at it, as long as you are trying it safely, is almost always better than not taking action.

3.     Fear of Success

Sometimes the fear of success impacts people. “What if I lose those 20lbs, will I have to buy new clothes? I can’t afford it right now.”

Action→ Focus on the positive outcome. Your positive emotions are good. Envision the good and positive. Don’t talk yourself out of doing something. Your finances may be tight but you can always find the money to buy a few clothes, just a smaller quantity.

4.     Unrealistic Timelines

People tend to overestimate what they can do in a week and underestimate what they can do in a year.  Pursue your goals and change the fitness plans over the longer term. A short term focus causes people to stop pursing their goals.

Action→ Write down your goals. Then focus on setting short term goals that will roll up to the annual goal.

5.     Worrying About Plateaus


People start to make progress, achieve some results but then stall or sometimes regress, regardless of skill level. These types of plateaus too often cause people to stop completely. Temporary stalls are a natural way of living.

Action→ When reaching a plateau take a moment to celebrate and recognize the progress that you have made to get to the plateau.

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